About us

Our mission is to provide high quality and practical products to global users
Vision to bring the best quality products and services to every corner of the world within three years
Values achievement positive empty cup pay tolerance normal heart self-confidence gratitude

The development course

In June 1993

Establishment of Hebei Company

In July 2014

Enter China Unicom supply chain system

In May 2013

The company moved to Shenzhen, and set up the head office Shenzhen Yipin New energy Technology Co., LTD

In March 2015

Set up a marketing center in Myanmar

In July 2017

Wuhan Branch established

In September 2017

Laos establishes marketing center

In October 2017

Establish marketing center in Malaysia

In April 2018

Set up a marketing center in Thailand

In 2019

Enter Thailand 7-11 chain stores, BigC, Banana, Jaymart, TrueMove and other major chain giants

In March 2019

Signed with Myanmar famous movie star Min Baa endorsement success, and in all major platforms for promotion


1.Product manufacturers directly dock with the retail end to increase the profit of retail customers.
2.Provide all kinds of practical dry goods training for customers free of charge (open class-sales package)
3. Provide free home training for key customers
4.Training new employees for retail customers free of charge according to the needs of retail customers
5.Delivery of tray operators and store managers to customers in need
6.Free consultation and guidance for clients on site to solve difficult and complicated problems in customer management and sales

There are 20 practical training consultants in mobile communication industry for more than 10 years.
Good at strategic planning, top-level design, business management, sales skills, team motivation, team building,
Enterprises such as marketing, activity planning, financial management, business etiquette, military development, human resources, etc.
Manage all sections covered.
Our team can help you solve the problems in the management and sales of mobile retail terminals.

The internal organs of an enterprise

Five Zang: high quality (heart) Customer demand (lung) Global layout (spleen) Quality service (liver) Practical innovation (kidney)

The six - organs: the customer first embraces the change and takes advantage of the opportunity to remain open and share altruism with sincere love

Heart, high quality is the core of the enterprise, but also the life of the enterprise

Lung, customer demand is the fresh air we rely on for survival

Spleen, global layout to absorb big data, accelerate product iteration, thrive

Liver, customer trust is our blood, provide quality service, accumulate customer trust

Kidney, insist on making practical products, refuse flashy, over-marketing