We provide a complete 30 days (from the date of order shipment) free warranty policy service. Please send an email to hr@epenyu.con to contact our customer service department. Please indicate your sales order number when contacting us.

In the case of normal use and maintenance within the warranty period, the product itself has problems with the materials and functions of the machine parts and malfunctions. After verification, the company will provide free warranty

This warranty does not apply to the following situations:

1. Your warranty service is only valid under normal use. All goods that are artificially damaged and fall into one of the following situations are not subject to after-sales service, but may be repaired at a fee:
A. The warranty expires after the sale;
B. The damage caused by human factors, including the damage caused by the abnormal working environment and the failure to use according to the instructions;
C. The user disassembles, repairs, refits, or repairs are not provided by the company's UNPROFOR;
D. Damage caused by force majeure (such as flood, fire, earthquake, lightning strike, etc.);
E. Without product warranty card and valid proof of purchase, or product model, barcode does not match or has been altered
F. Natural product wear and tear (such as: shell, accessories, etc.);
G. Failures, defects or flaws not caused by the company;

2. Others:
a. Appearance damage (wear, scratches, etc.) will not enjoy the return service;
b. Failures caused by networks, wireless information service providers (operators), etc. are not covered by the warranty;
c. The seller verbally promises that beyond the warranty principles stipulated in this card, no service will be provided;
3. For products that meet the replacement, you can go to our company's UNPROFOR for a replacement. If the host is faulty during the replacement, the host of the same specification and model of the company will be replaced free of charge; if the accessory is faulty, the replacement will be free
4. For the products that need to be repaired, you can go to any joint guarantee point of the company's nationwide joint guarantee network for repair;
5. The maintenance of the water inlet machine or serious man-made damage, the user needs to agree with the epenyu after-sales service center before commissioning maintenance;
6. All parts, parts and accessories that are replaced during the warranty period belong to the company.

Note: After-sales warranty service does not include product transportation costs and does not provide on-site repair services. The right to interpret this warranty clause belongs to epenyu!