At First,You may be curious to know why choose us and what make us different or better, now let’s take look at following truth.
Three Principles:
I. aging principle
As global International company, our owned brand insists on aging and all product inspection, the products without aging insist on not leaving the factory, and all cooperative ODM or OEM customers must undergo aging, and the customers who do not agree with aging will not cooperate.

II. Quality principle
The original factory products of Epenyu, no matter high-end, middle end, low-end products or even special price products, are guaranteed to be of high quality and the use standards of raw materials are consistent.

Ⅲ. Principle of cooperation
We always adhere to the principle of win-win cooperation. We will cooperate on the premise of determining that customers have the ability to develop the local market and have common goals and values, and provide effective training plans and supporting policies to deeply cooperate with customers to hit the local market development.


1.Raw materials: we use secondary market materials, all of which belong to domestic well-known brands, and market materials belong to international well-known brands. For example, our IC uses FMD smart micro and Si power silicon power, the terminal uses Huawei supplier yuanai, the battery uses Yu Neng and Zhuo Neng, etc.
2 quality: the quality needs a long time of use and experience to be verified, which is hard to see on the surface, and more reflected in the details of materials used. For example, all the copper wires of our data line are made of tin clad copper, and the thickness of charging shell is required to be more than 2.5mm.


1. Hard power: over the years, we have been focusing on the development of mobile phone accessories, applying for a number of patent products in research and development, and having three production bases in Shenzhen, Maoming and Hunan in production, so as to maintain efficient production capacity to meet needs of clients.
2. Soft power: the enterprise has a perfect enterprise strategy and organizational structure, which is based on the solid iron triangle of system, culture and talents, the core of which is talent strategy, establishing talent echelon and unique talent training mechanism. To shape people with value system, and implement it into each person's work details, so as to form a positive cycle of positive attitude and transparent atmosphere in the company. As well as the organizational corporate culture presented, spread and precipitated in the way of systematization and productization, so that the corporate culture can be perceived and persisted in a more vivid, open and warm way.


1 domestic: National 3C safety certification is awarded as "the third batch of excellent mobile power enterprises" with ISO system management certification
2 Foreign: CE certification ROHS certificationer


1.rebate: we calculate the rebate by 1%, 2% and 3% of the 300000 rebate, 500000 rebate and 1 million rebate.

2.Price, in order to reduce the cost, our production adopts the full link closed-loop mode, which saves more than 50%-80% of the cost is intergrating mold opening, injection molding, R & D, design, production and sales. The factory is located in Maoming, and the labor cost is 60% and the field house cost is reduced by 20%. Therefore, the price of our products of the same quality must be lower than others.

3.Cost performance: such as charger,in terms of quality, we focus on aging. The first, aging is full inspection. The second, aging process is relatively normal current charging. We use peak current for charging. In the case of very high aging cost, our price is still lower than that of other competitor's products without aging, and the cost performance is higher.


  • 1

    training: including product training and sales skill training. For the customer's business or shopping guide personnel, we have professional training personnel to carry out 1-to-1 training and service for the store, and test and inspection results to ensure the implementation of the training.

  • 2

    marketing: including materials and activities as well as marketing activities such as spokesmen. The materials include store design, Exhibition cabinets and clothing. They are matched by 5% of the purchase volume. They regularly cooperate with customers to do promotional activities, and they can find brand spokesmen to help develop new markets after the local evaluation of the market.

  • 3

    Build a team: an excellent team needs not only excellent talents, but also team culture construction, team incentive mechanism, team learning ability and leader's management ability. It can fully copy the original management mode of Yipin, and help customers to build a sales team that is capable of fighting and getting results on the battlefield.


1. Production process: there are 7 processes in our production, from semi-finished products - aging room - semi cost aging - assembly - finished products - spot check, and each process is all tested, especially in order to supervise the work of aging room, we install electricity meters to supervise according to the power consumption.
2 production assessment: set up very strict assessment standards for the production department, and adopt the "0 tolerance" attitude. In the process of self sampling or delivery, if any quality problem occurs, the person in charge of production must take full responsibility according to the order and re produce.


1 explosion proof: for the safety of battery, except for the chip used to protect IC, we use fire-proof materials in material selection. For example, the battery uses A-level explosion-proof electric core, and the charging shell material belongs to V0 fire-proof level.
2 Inspection: our joint inspection agency will carry out corresponding safety inspection according to different products, such as over temperature, over flow, over discharge, over voltage and short circuit of battery, so as to achieve 100% safety.


  • 0 receive 1 return

    in QA sampling inspection, as long as one product has problems, the whole order will be returned and received as per the order.

  • bad 1 compensate 2

    in 3 months, if there is no quality problem under the condition of misoperation, one bad one compensate two.

  • Full compatibility Award

    iour chargers are fully compatible with all mobile phone products on the market (excluding voice transmission). In case of any incompatibility, 10 yuan will be awarded.

  • return and exchange

    we will directly return and exchange the products that are not easy to be delivered within 3 months. For products that are less than 3 months and less than half a year, we will give a 70% discount. For products that are less than 6 months and less than one year, we will give a 50% discount. Products that are more than one year will not be accepted.